The love and family-like bond among Chilis

"After nearly two decades, the Chili Peppers have become, essentially, brothers. Anthony is the darkly handsome, moody one, alternatey the recluse and the showstopper. Flea is the mediator, the middle child, the well-adapted sibling skilled at negotiation and temperance. Chad is the protective, cheerful older brother, the guy who plays basketball and finds happiness a relatively easy feat. John is the sensitive one, the intellect, the deep thinker and the spiritual explorer. "Flea and Chad and I, we’re all kids at heart," says Kiedis. "But John is the one who pushes himself, who continues to explore and to grow. He is always out there, learning, pushing. And because of John, we’ve all grown as well. Not just musically, but as people."



Czesława Kwoka in 1942, aged 14. 

Czesława Kwoka was born in 1928, and died of unknown causes in 1943 in Auschwitz concentration camp. Wilhelm Brasse took this photo for the Auschwitz records, and when ordered to destroy them, William and others saved some of the photographs.

But until Wilhelm Brasse told me his extraordinary story I had no idea how the photograph came to be taken. His voice trembles as he recounts what happened.

'She was so young and so terrified. The girl didn't understand why she was there and she couldn't understand what was being said to her.

So this woman Kapo (a prisoner overseer) took a stick and beat her about the face. This German woman was just taking out her anger on the girl. Such a beautiful young girl, so innocent. She cried but she could do nothing.’

Before the photograph was taken, the girl dried her tears and the blood from the cut on her lip. ‘To tell you the truth, I felt as if I was being hit myself but I couldn’t interfere. It would have been fatal for me. You could never say anything.’

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